Monday, November 01, 2004


Guess What!

I have opened a shop. The brand name is "eVil" (what else it could have been?) :-D

Right now there is only one thing available there, since I had just enough time to design one Tee Shirt.... and prices are in $$$. Heck, I don't even know how I can deliver this stuff (if someone really placed order i.e.). :-P

But it sure feels great to "own" a shop.

Yay!!! I own a shop!


aaditya said...

/me plans to get one,

But enlighten me, what does "Don't Stop" refer to?

Alex Schroeder said...

When I ordered the Emacs Wiki T-shirt and mug from cafepress, I was excited, too. But customs, handling and shipping added quite a pricetag, and the image is just printed on some half-plastic that is welded onto the T-shirt. The logo on the mugs has faded -- at least on the mug that is machine-washed. In short: I don't think I'd use them for quality stuff.

daku said...

this is cool. i may do a copy cat thing & follow suit. i'd get this t'shirt if it was in black with white writing. and perhaps a different font. more stern and geometrical.

Anonymous said...

too costly...any concession to roomies? ;-)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

I would buy that but there is a problem :

(11:52:49) abdul: what the hell does 19x29 mean!
(11:53:13) Vaishalee: donno

/me goes ROFL!

MMN said...

Don't stop multiplying? Don't stop becoming fat? Is one of these the messages?

How is 551 related to 391?

These are the few questions that are popping up in my mind. I have sent a mail to Cruella De Vil asking for the answers. :P

V said...

Actually I know what it is, but I wanted you to guess it :-D


Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

the problem is ..this :

(11:56:50) Vaishalee: it's like if you don't stop while calculating 19x29 then you might be able to do 23x17

/me goes ROFL!

sajith said...

Would you accept payments in Indian rupees? ;-)

Mr. Ameer said...

The "evil" products. Sounds mischievous. Yet very interesting. Just a quick "hi" from a new friend. Congratulations on your new shop :)

cRaY3 said...

Do u have any option to make payment in indian rupees?..and guys who r looking for real bad t-shirts visit

NY said...

Does'nt the start of a new establishment usually mean free giveaways. What happened to the age old funda of pushing sales.