Monday, November 22, 2004

Hyderabad Blues

Today I did something I have been waiting to do since past six months. It's not that the place is bad, but I had realized that I have come to a dead end. I was struggling so much to get out.

Now it is much more clear and I can see a new path, a new place to go.

Bye Bye Hyderabad!


Anonymous said...

WHAT!!! where?when? why?
/me faints


Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

/me says 'well done!' and bon voyage!

/me is also furious that he dinn know abt it earlier.

Anonymous said...

Oh Really? when did this all happen :-( , yes finally you will be out of Hyderabad for which you had been waiting for so long.but we are sad :(


Mridul said...

Hmm , first sood , now you : reminds me of a proverb about rats and .... ;-)

Anyway , hope you move in to blr : if nothing I can see how bad your prawn's curry is :-D

*Mridul runs and hides

Noufal said...

That was sudden. What's the plan?

V said...

They sure are Killing-EachOther. So the plan is not yet finalized.


MMN said...

Hello... what is happening? Break the suspense lady :D