Monday, November 22, 2004

Weekend and movies

I always have rather too many things lined up for the weekend... this is not in any particular order.

1. Catch up on sleep
2. Press clothes
3. Read some Apps Manuals/Tuning books
4. Read newspaper
5. Watch movies
6. Cook
7. Clean the shelves
8. Clean my room

Mostly I end up doing no. 1 all the time ;-) so rest of the list gets carried forward for the next week :-D

I had a good weekend this time too. On Saturday I went to this new mall which is opened in Panjagutta called Hyderabad Central. They have a good collection... couldn't resist shopping. At least it is not for shoes this time. (Wow, am I getting better? No new shoes since past two months.) :-)

On Sunday, I had planned for a day outing in Botanical Garden. But due to all the walking I did on Saturday (and mainly because of cozy cold morning), I felt I am not well and I have got fever. So canceled my trip. I kicked myself for doing that later when I got up (which was around 1 PM... remember "Catching up on sleep"?). It was just 1 O'clock and I didnt have anything planned for the rest of the day. After lunch, me and my roommates decided to go for a movie.

Since everybody in Hyderabad does that on Sunday, it was obvious that we couldn't get any tickets. Veer-Zaara was almost impossible, but I didn't mind that much since I had read the review. The only thing available was "Naach"... for the obvious reasons. We decided to watch it anyway.

Movie was weird and obscure to the fullest meaning of those words. Antra Mali keeps doing certain dancing(?) steps for whole two and half hours.... and Abhishek keeps staring at her all the time (except when he is doing those steps himself). Ok, they do have dialogues too, but does that really matter?

There was some problem with the reel or the projector, so we had about 2-3 intervals (and the name of theater is "Hitec"). But I had fun, it reminded me of Tyler in the fight club (luckily, there was no Tyler in the projection room). I hooted and whistled every time picture/sound went off and/or Antra mali started her antics on the screen. I laughed like a crazy almost all the time, and managed to annoy my roomies, who were watching the movie rather seriously :-D

But I think I liked Abhishek in that movie.... finally he is out of Big B's shadow.


Anonymous said...

must say..until then i didnt know that you could whislte so well V..almost everyone stood up and tried to trace the sound ;-)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

what do u mean .. reminded u of Tyler? What did you see in the movie?

/me rolls ont he floor laughing his ass out.

Anonymous said...

...and yes V! now we know the trip was to botanical garden and not to some bird sanctuary in madhapur! *sigh*..we wud have landed up in wrong place :-(
(sure, we do need something to kill time ;-)

MMN said...

Next time you go to Chennai, go to this big mall called Chennai Central, it is really awesome :P

You have said that Naach is weird etc. but is it is seeable? Note : I have seen Julie fully and 14 hrs of non budgetary parliament. so take that into consideration :D

neurohavoc said...

i would like to go on record that i dont give two-pence about people criticizing abhishek bachan, i also dont mind if you badmouth naach, but when it comes to what antra mali did in naach, in the presence or absence of an ogling bachan, i cant stand by and watch such irreverence with nonchalance. it was a performance intended for the upliftment of mankind! and i sympathize with ur roomies who had their intense spiritual experience blotted by the insensitive laughter of a soul who is incapable of appriciating dance in its truest form of twisting anatomy and dresses that reflect the scantily bound nature of the free spirit of the dancer.

V said...


Movie is not all that bad... Antra Mali is really a wrong choice there. She tries to be so much like another Urmila. I think the only movie I liked her in was The Company... since then she has lost lot of weight and all the goodness about her face. Now irrespective of being sad/angry/serious/mad/happy, she looks like she is smiling.


Anonymous said...

@neurohavoc: we would have been incapable of appreciating the dance otherwise as well..;-) but sure appreciate ur point of view. :-)