Wednesday, December 29, 2004

finger -b -p me

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For those who are interested (and those who are NOT interested), I have joined Corio, Bangalore. It's a small IDC setup of Corio, US. Right now, I am busy setting up my logins and reading lots of docs.... but as soon as I get some time, I will write more about the company.



aaditya said...


finger command was one of my faves in college ;-)

Anonymous said...

Cool:) Hope you have fun at the new job. Good luck!
- sb

Alex Schroeder said...

The first time I ever heard about system administrators was when the guy who introduced me to email and the AIX at University told me he had written a script to watch finger access and automatically mail the person "I felt your finger in my hole and it felt good." The next day system administrators wanted to talk to him... :)

Mridul said...

That was very nasty , but funny Alex :)

Welcome to Bangalore tiger - now have to watch out while going back late from office , "tiger alert !!" :P

Noufal said...

Bangalore tyger burning bright,
In crowded streets of the night,

What immoral car or bus,
could stand thy fearful symmetry.

With apologies to William Blake. ;)

aaditya said...

That should be
`burning "loud" '

yes nouf? ;)

Noufal said...

Ah! I stand corrected. :D

V said...

How wicked! Nkv you are dusht.



Welcome :-) I hope you'll update your .plan first and then update the blog? And then run a /. like subscription service where we can rush and read the story early ...

emanish said...

Vaishali, Welcome to Bangalore. Tigers in town..

Arun Gnanagurudasan said...
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