Tuesday, January 04, 2005

APPS, Painting and Photography

Joining a new place is always a new experience. As I said, this company is a small development center in India, which has barely completed one year. Small places have their own charm. First day the HR lady introduced me to all the employees and it hardly took an hour or so. My team's strength is about ten... and there is no other girl. I am happy about that fact actually. They take a good care of me and try to be nice to me :-)

For the first time I am finding myself interested in an Oracle Apps. I absolutely hated it in Oracle... Thanks to those overly ambiguous environment documentations, tedious processes and snobbish people over there. I can't really blame the company, since they had really complex environments. But people there made is more abstract and difficult to understand for a new person. I never got a feeling of belonging to that place. *sigh*

But all that is a history now. I am all geared up for Apps 11i now. We have lots of small environments here and we do all the Apps DBA activities as well as some of those core DBA tasks too. I am sure I will be done with the Apps within a month or two. It feels good to be back on the track. Yooohooo... Apps!

I am going to start with oil painting soon. I have asked jo about the how-to instructions. I have selected one of those M. F. Husain's horse paintings. Now I have to buy the canvas and the colors and you will see a painter-tiger. :-D

They gave me a laptop with IR port (Ok, it's not a T42 or an Apple... but I am happy with it). So I am not going to buy that data cable anymore. I will be able to upload photos whenever I want to, but I am not really happy with those cellphone camera pictures. There is hardly anything one can do with that camera. I think I need to buy a SLR soon. Recommendations are welcome.

This almost looks like a list of new-year-resolutions. Well, I am really going to do all this.


Noufal said...

Optical drives on your laptop.... *chuckle*

V said...

I am not really craving for a DVD drive. So many things to do... so less time to watch the movies.


Anonymous said...

Cool:) New job, new resolutions.. You're lucky in being able to make a fresh start, with the new year. Good luck!
Camera: SLR or DSLR? For the latter, NY's D70 seems to be good, he might be able to give more information. Canon's EOS 300D seems to be an affordable bet too. Of course, if funds are available, ;), go for something like the EOS 20D(*fanboy sigh*). Me wanna save up for a DSLR too..
- sb

ETV said...

Best of luck with your painting efforts :-), I always thought that MF Hussein kind of paintings are very easy, since it is just you apply colors in anyway and all the patrons would admire making it more than what the artist would have ever imagined.

Anonymous said...

hi vaish,
been here after a long time...happy new year...way to go new job, new laptop... atb have a blast this n yr..

Anonymous said...

hey kewl u moved over to bangalore from hyderabad...here parents r shifting from bangalore to hyderabad!!! from next vacations i shall go to hyderabad!