Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Uranus? Of all the things?

You Are From Uranus

You shine with brilliant creativity, and you're more than a little eccentric.
You love everything unusual and shocking. You're one far-out chick or dude.
Anything unconventional excites you - and you have genius potential.
Just don't let your rebel side get the best of you, or else you'll alienate everyone.
Your original thinking and funky attitude is all you need to be you.


Mridul said...

ROFL =))

Take it with a bag of salt :P
Dont take it too seriously !!!


Mridul said...

I am from mars it seems :D

I like the desc ;) It looks like one of those fortune teller things which tell you what you want to hear !

The first two lines totally sucks though ;) - I am the laziest bum in the world !

Thinking about it - the whole thing is describing someone else ... *sigh*


You're energetic, althletic, and totally hyperactive.

You love playing sports and being in the middle of all of the action.

You're independent, corageous, and brave. Unafraid to do things your way.

Mars can be reckless, quick tempered, and a little too spontaneous.

So think before you act - and resist your natural urges to dominate others.

V said...

Can you believe it? Somebody got this,


And it's not a gal.