Monday, December 13, 2004

Funny things NKV does...

For all those people who haven't yet seen NKV in person (read DaKu), he comes across as a serious personality. They think he is "very mature", "spiritual person" and "refined poet" etc. etc. He is all that alright. But /me being /me (eVil) wants to reveal some more shades of NKV.

These pictures will help you in knowing him a bit more. :-D

He trying to take pictures with his Gameboy cartridge.

He trying to bend the spoon.

He trying to anti-shoot me. :-)

He claimed that he can create a sound(?) with the wine glass, huh!

And finally he trying to cook a curry.... scary, eh?


Noufal said...

Hmmm. I think you should consider a job as a paparazzo. ;)

I forgot most of these pictures. :)

aaditya said...


well done...

The last "daku-rani-phoolan-devi" pic is awesome :)

NY said...

You do have some hard to find snaps. This should make nouf think twice before pulling of a spoond bending trick again :)

daku said...

V, my DaKuness pales in comparison with this.
I have a business proposition for you. We will start a RECreation taBLOG (tabloid blog). I provide the info; you provide the pix. It can be a subsidiary of the Gaddar Inc. corporation I am working on with Srikanth. more details on that to follow. (-;

MMN said...

He could have just dropped the wine glass. Makes a lot of sound :P

By the way what is he cooking? S.A.R.S.?

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

and thats Mr. SMART!