Monday, December 13, 2004

Khandala Revisited

Long long time ago I had posted about Khandala and I had promised to post the pictures I took with my cell camera. It was difficult to upload those pictures on the net, since Aaditya removed windows from his laptop. Ok, another problem was that I didn't have the data cable. :-)

I am going to buy the data cable soon. Meanwhile, I was able to upload the pictures and I just loved these.

Ok, the resolution is bad and since I have taken all these pictures from the train window, I couldn't do much with the view.... but it gives a pretty good picture of Khandala in the rainy season nevertheless.

Here you go.... green! green!! green!!!

It reminds me so much of the rainy days....


aaditya said...

Beautiful shots! You really need a good SLR, a laptop and photoshop :)


V said...

How true...

All I need is somebody who can sponsor for all these things.