Friday, December 03, 2004

How long?

People end up losing patience when I am taking photos. They say I take too long to focus... huh!


daku said...

V, can i send u on a mission? curious abt the following pix:
1/ Aadis updated look: locks minus beard
2/ NKV less tresses
3/ Glam in his pottan look
the H00P0e may know where everyone is, but may lack on facial recognition. (-;

V said...


I very well have those pictures and few more wicked ones (like Nkv cooking a special curry with his face covered with a cloth and Mridul singing along with Roshan's guitar), but I was not able to upload them yet. :-/

You will get to see them soon enough, once I get the data cable for my phone...

Patience, My Lady!