Monday, January 24, 2005

I want this

Nikon D2H



Wow. D2H is sure great. I tried comparing Canon 20D and Nikon D2H, the only thing I wonder, Canon is selling 8.2 Megapixel DSLR at < $1500 whereas for D2H is $2000+ and you get only 4.1 Megapixels. I know, this is not the only measure, but I wonder what makes Nikon claim 30% more price for a camera producing images of half the size ...

If you buy one, show me someday.

V said...


The trick is to attract some philanthropic donations and then buy a Canon Powershot G6 or something like that. :-D

Ack, I revealed it already.

V said...


It's time I do some serious analysis regarding what I "really" want in my camera, like he did. Check out everything about "Buying the perfect Digital camera"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've also felt that Canon models are more affordable, in general.(I've heard Nikon's DSLRs are better for sports and such, *shrug*)

Good plan, eVil:D. If it works, I'm gonna try the same:)
(The G6 is nice)

- sb

ETV said...

"Philanthropic donations". There are actually 3 ways of doing this since I did a lot of research on this.

1. Send letters to lot of rich guys out there in the world. Bill Gates, J K Rowling, Michael Shumacher, Azim Premji etc are few options that came to me when I was looking out for money.

2. Have something like "V's camera fund" and paint in silver color and go out to Brigade, might make you rich atleast by couple of thousands per day.

3. Not a donation, but try to find out the nearest banks, and do what they call robbery, Why do they need so much money to be kept idle at the bank???

Let me know how the progress is.

MMN said...

The easiest solution. Get a rich boyfriend... :P

V said...

MMN never fails to give the "best" solution.