Sunday, January 30, 2005

One Man, One Dream!

How many times you have seen a dream come true?
How many times you have witnessed an achievement?
How many times you have shared the sheer joy of accomplishment?

I experienced it all when I went for the premier of MMN's films. I should have posted a review long back, but anyway it's better late than never.


Very few of us could go for the show, since most of the people were gone home (Typical Homesick ones!). Me, Aaditya and Mridul were the chosen ones. Mridul (as usual) misheard the show timings and instead of 4-45 PM, he reached there at 5-45 PM. Thankfully there were some technical glitches (again as usual) and the show was postponed. So he could still see both the films. Both of them were short films of about ten minutes each.

The first films was made by 4-5 people together (I don't remember the names). They took turns and did each of the activity to get a better exposure in all the areas. Juby was the "hero" in the first film, since out of 10 minutes he was on screen for about 6 minutes (Talk about Scorching the Screen!). He was natural enough for a first-timer and those real-life accident marks provided the "real" touch to the hospital scene. Mridul almost fainted due to that "Power-Packed" performance. LOL.

Second film was having professional actors (which didn't make much difference :-P I liked Juby better.) and it was filmed by a professional photographer (he was good). MMN directed the whole movie, while other people were taking care of the other stuff.

I liked both the films.

To be frank, for the first time I came to know that so many things need to done just to shoot a simple film. The amount of hard-work put into making it was just amazing. I appreciate it all the more, since MMN has done it along with his job. I know how difficult it is to chase a dream, and that's why I know how it feels when you achieve it. I am happy that I could share the moment.

Clap Clap to MMN.


aaditya said...

Right on!

/me was too lazy to post a review, but the movies were good. No need to carry rotten eggs and tomatoes (I had to throw away all the stuff I carried...)

The 2nd movie was cooler, but the heroine left something to be desired.

All in all, bravo! *claps*

V said...

"Heroine left something to be desired"... Hint! Hint!!

*Rain dance*


daku said...

w00t! is there a dvd version for foreign dakus?

MMN said...

Actually even the second film actors, none of them were professionals, they looked professional didn't they? :). Engineers and working professionals :D

Well, I was expecting a howler, but this has increased my morale. :P. And for the comment that "MMN has done along with his job", the whole team was like that. Nothing special from my side. This team was awesome.

Thanks for all the claps, V and expect for more support next time. It is going to be hard to keep the standard at at least this level next time.

I have the films in VCD format, (couldnot get DVD, the studio folks didn't have that kind of ampere :)).

Anonymous said...

Wow. Way cool, MMN! :)

Hey what about uploading your film somewhere? Pretty please?

The Internet Archive would be the best place. You can get instructions, here, and a copyright-selection guide here.

That would make it accessible to a LOT of people, me included:)