Monday, January 31, 2005

Undoing the Wrong

Sometimes I get carried away and end up doing something terribly wrong. It's not that I do such things intentionally, it's just that they feel perfectly alright to me at that point of time. I don't know if I am seriously doofus or I should blame the people who talk me into doing such things. :-/

May be I should work on my subconsciousness meter. Looks like it is not working alright nowadays. I know something is wrong, and I still end up doing it only to blame myself later. Not to mention that scolding by Aaditya and NKV is not helping me either. :-(

Anyway, for now I am trying to add this double-check function, so that I will avoid doing some wrong deeds in future. So until I get my sanity working again, when in doubt, ask Aaditya.



ETV said...

Press "R" button to reset the mistakes, thats the "human" element in us. :-) If life would have been so easy.....

MMN said...

What did you do wrong? I am sure lot of people out there like to give out advises :P NKV scolds people? That is news to me. :)

Moonjungle said...

If it ticks off Rao & Sood, I think its worth giving it another shot. I'm guessing u dropped their laptop or PDA. hmmmm?

daku said...

Tiger! Happy B'Day! (-:
Enjoy maadi!