Sunday, February 27, 2005

Nkv and Movies

The day MMN starts making movies, Nkv decides he won't watch movies any more. He insists that there is no relation between these two things (but I doubt it).


I agree, nowadays movies are not much of a good experience. There are hardly any movies, which don't make you feel that you should have burnt your money instead of wasting on tickets. But taking such a decision is totally disastrous. If he stops watching movies altogether, what on earth he is going to talk to those oh-so-cute gals? PERL and Python and Doom?


I feel he should not give up... what say you?


daku said...

agreed. please someone abduct him and take him to the mark knopfler concert in B'lore.

ETV said...

When the whole life is a movie, why go for a separate one.

Enjoy the time with python, perl and be doomed. Ha ha. By the way, is there a real relation between MMN's movie and Noufal's current state. Was the movie an eye opener for NKV?

Noufal said...

There is no relation. And I'm not planning to watch any.

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

very affirmative statement there nouf!!

live free, die young!

Moonjungle said...

I smell a closet freak.

daku said...

Vipin, not that i agree with Nouf, but it's his decision. Live and let live. I am sure you would not want to be judged by others too.
/me close to getting vinDiKtive

MMN said...

MMN feels all demoralised and withdraws into a cocoon of spiritual recluse :P