Sunday, March 06, 2005

eVil profile

It's been a while since I received my designation "evil" in Gaddar Inc. But my profile is not yet set up. I thought of seeking some help...

me: I dont know what to write there.
daku: heheh... use your creativity!
me: I will just blackmail somebody to write it for me
me: how about you?
daku: i am OK
daku: shifting house next week
daku: really busy at work
me: so would you write it? or do I need to blackmail you?

Well, she is not scared enough... so I have changed my plan to kidnap her instead. So, whoever doesn't want me to do that better write something for my profile.


PS- Please help!


MMN said...

I can do it with a little help from Rao, D00d, and Susk. What say you folks? :P

daku said...

kidnap me? for what purpose? experimentation on a "firangi"?

neurohavoc said...

i guess my good deed for the day will leave you with no option but to have a go...

V said...

neurohavoc, Not enough good!