Saturday, April 09, 2005

I want to...

1. buy a house
2. buy a huge sofa
3. buy a huge flat screen

... so that I can watch the TV whole day.

/me is pathetic.


Anonymous said...

buy a 3bhk so that guests from hdyerabad can come and stay lavishly.

V said...

Ms. Hyderabad Guest, once you come here, I will make you work. So it's not lavish as you think.


Anonymous said...

good you told me../me drops the plan for blore and thinks of going to Mumbai (to see R). :-D

V said...

Good idea, get her here as well. I need two people.


Anonymous said...

will warn R about ur plans..she was planning for blore trip. eVil V!!! :-P

V said...

Yeah, inform her about it. She will be prepared that way.

It will be fun to make you work.

Rajeshwari said...

Traffic & travelling in Mumbai is driving me mad :( Vaishalee take 3bhk soon, Ms Mumbai guest & Ms Hyderabad guest will visit you soon and make you work :D