Sunday, April 10, 2005

Next Blog

Ever tried clicking "Next blog" button, which appears on each blog?

Most of the times, I don't read blogs... I mean I read them through bloglines feeds. But today I was in the clickity-click mood. So got fancied with this "Next Blog" thing.

I even played a little game of betting on the type of next blog. Surprisingly, lotsa people write sad sob stories. Not just sad, it's saaaaaaaaaaaaaaad and all the posts. Duh! How could one be sad all the time!

There are pretty weird names and weirder subjects. I feel about 60% people write about their life. about 10% strictly stick to one subject. Lots of photo blogs and pretty small school kids are writing blogs already.


About 20% people use the default templates, while most of them have very exotic templates with lots of colors and pictures. Some templates have so many pictures and frames, there is hardly any space for writing anything. :-D Lots of girls use lots of pink color in their templates (which is pretty obvious). All possible shades of pink... even the font colors. *shudder*

And almost 90% of them provide personal data. Interesting, considering lot of us (read my friends) don't want to put their identity on their blogs.

Lots of blogs have radio plug in, so when you go to the blog, radio starts playing. Annoyed me the first time, since my volume control was not muted and it was pretty high.



Anonymous said...

for a change check out ma blog.
I am sure it will make a difference. ;-))

Noufal said...

But today I was in the clickity-click mood.

Jobless managers. ;)
Just leave the "technical" people to sweat bullets. :P

V said...

Muhahaha, I am still a BOFH.

I wish you could be working with me. Grrrr.

Mridul said...

Ever heard of BUFH ?
Your servers will be crashing faster than you can think up their IP's :)
And no , dns and nis wont work , and your /etc/hosts will be empty >:)
All this while the etherkiller is in operation !!

You dont want to mess around with Noufal :) He is a pro in "hatching" ;)

Noufal said...


Your experiences at the CC are what gave rise to the term. :)

I salute you oh great one. :)

V said...

Hmmm, interesting.

And LOL for h4x0r Nkv, I am known to kill the sessions in the DB, so he will still bite the dust.

NY said...

Mridul/Nouf I can see a trail of blood no matter what blog i go to. :))

V - most of the next blogs that i saw were sad rants about boyfriends/girlfriends and loads of pink ;))

ETV said...

Today I did the blog hunting. It was pretty interesting and then I observed that even my blog has a bit of pink in it.

NY said...

hey #if.. am sure none of us meant ur blog :)