Friday, April 15, 2005

Know Firefox? Make money....

Read this on slashdot,

IBM to Hire Firefox Developers

By CowboyNeal on pays-to-know

ta bu shi da yu writes "According to, IBM has placed an employment ad for a developer who would be responsible for 'enhancing the Mozilla Firefox Web browser with new features complimentary to IBM's On Demand middleware stack.' IBM might possibly be interested in FireFox integration with their Workplace software. The job is not for just anyone, however, as those who wish to apply for the job should have some cred with the Mozilla development community."

This sounds good. Now only if I could be a Firefox developer.

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They need hardcore Moz/FF contributors. People like me who writes small extensions (XUL/Javascript) for fun aren't welcome. It needs solid C++ knowledge :-(

But well, you stop enjoying a hobby if it becomes your job *cough cough* :-)