Friday, April 15, 2005

Three sides of Triangle

When I came across this picture, it reminded me so much of my friends, Saanchi and Rajeshwari.

I think we must have looked exactly the same, when we went for buying veggies to the shop nearby or for lunch to the office canteen or to watch movies at multiplex or for shopping at Lifestyle.


I was kinda annoyed when Neil mentioned about how weird we used to look together, but now that I have this picture here, I have to agree with him. We indeed looked weird together. I mean, we are sane as an individual entities (ok, may be I am not.).... but together we look like a little bunch of weirdos.

We did some amazing to hilarious to how-could-you-do-this things. We had numerous fights. We made amazing plans (very few of which were successful). We cooked some funny dishes. We had really looooong talks. We had late night walks on our building terrace. We cribbed a lot about work, boss and company together. We cribbed about money and did lot of shopping. We craved for going home every week. We recorded a song.... yeah, that too.

We always laughed so much that it made other girls paranoid. :-D I have to tell you that Rajeshwari laughed on each and every funny thing.... even if it had just a hint of humor.... I mean, she used to laugh on all of Saanchi's jokes. /me gives up.

We used to have this sweet-lime sessions (Rajeshwari used to make a nice sweet lime). We relished on steaming hot ginger tea every weekend (Saanchi used to make awesome ginger tea). Sometimes we used to plan little parties at home on weekends and invite Aaditya and Abdul over lunch. I am sure they still shudder at the thought of that. LOL.

Every Friday Saanchi used to have weekend-phobia. She was kind of afraid of weekends, since she didn't have any plans. Whatever we planned, she ended up going to office anyway. :-P She was the only one of us who loved to go to office.

Saanchi and me planned for morning walks. On the very first day itself we walked so much that we never went for it again.

The list will just go on.... I will just say that we talked a lot, laughed a lot and cribbed a lot.

PS - If you are trying to figure out who is who in that picture, I say "STOP".


daku said...

hey are your locks golden like Anumod's (-;?
/me stops

Rajeshwari said...

Iam so much missing those days.We used to giggle everywhere we went together - canteen,hotel,shops and annoyed many people.Now the cats in the picture are making me laugh :-D

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

how did that form a triangle..

am just curious...

ok.. /me stops too

V said...

Doofus, you are not included. :-P

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

then that would have been a circle .. aint it?

aaditya said...

...walk together...

And crib about each other too ;)

Saanchi said...

very very amusing post!!

/me is missing the good times sent together..and yeah u right..
Rajeshwari was the only one to laugh at my silly jokes and i am really missing her for this!!

I remember the first and last mrng walk together..and after that u (lazy bum) never got up while i kept walking alone and am still walking alone ( but to office ;-))

I miss the cusines made by you and rajeshwari..remember the midnight Samosa?? (it was soooo yuck!!) :-D was the best samosa we ever had!!

Ha ha..weekend phobia..yeah,i still have it and have acquired many more of them since you guys left me here alone. :-(

the list is endless..and before i stop, let me crack who is who.
lady in red- yes, thats you!! :-D
Rajeshwari in her stylish denim jacket :-D and /me takes the baby in pink. :)

saanchi said...


imhunt said...

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ETV said...

Who are the ladies in the picture?? I didnt know that small-tiger was a synonym for cat.
Well, yeah they belong to the same family I guess.

Rajiv said...

Another pore soul who was invited to the weekend lunches :-).
Trust me ..the food was good!!

V said...

Good Grief, Rajiv, where are you?

borntodre@m said...

hmm... seems u had lots of fun ...! btw, if u are in the photo(not sure which one) then u really look very funny!!
/me stops ;)

V said...

Some people say all marathies look funny (of course, I don't agree).


borntodre@m said...

he he ... I don't care what do you think about marathies ...but I do look "funny" too! ;)