Friday, April 22, 2005

Label V

Well, I started my online shop "eVil" and almost forgot about it. The site delivers goods only in US and there is hardly anybody I know in US, who would buy those tee shirts. But I was all excited about the idea of owning a shop nevertheless.

I designed few h4x0r tee shirts and some of them looked really k3w1. It was so much fun. But then there are too many shops and too many products there. It's hard to advertise such a stuff online, unless I start spamming NKV's blog or put some flashing ad on my blog (the first method is more effective IMHO, what say you?). :-D

Some of my friends in India offered to buy the tee shirts, provided they get some discount. Riiiight! So all in all, I really didn't have much hope about selling anything there.

Today I happened to see the transactions and guess what, I have already sold two tee shirts there.


/me does a lil' tap dance here.

Label V has arrived. It's time to add some more designs to my shop. Your suggestions are welcome. BTW, Those who are interested to know which designs are hot (read sold), check out these links,

Emacs T-shirt
Debian T-shirt


daku said...

yay! can u design Gaddar Inc. Tshirts for us? (-;

ETV said...

Hey V,

Is there a trial offer for an emacs T-shirt???


Aren't you sending out some free promotional T-Shirts? You can give me one, as the shirts really spreads out on me to make it easy to read the prints.

borntodre@m said...

Good going!!
Though I am not sure who "dared" to buy these T shirts! (lol) ;)

V said...

etv, I think cafepress has some money back guarantee period. So if you don't like it you can refund for it.

/<0usik, /me is dying to get some free tee shirts from them. :-D

daku, I am going to think about it this weekend.

Jubilant said...

hey put up some pics