Monday, May 09, 2005


There are these few times when I crave for some things...

Things which are not even present here. May be they are still to-be-invented.... and I miss them so much. My world could be so much more fun with those things around.

I like to draw intricate designs and a lot of patterns. Most of the times when I am not able to sleep, I try to visualize some design....with a lot of shapes and a lot of colors. It's like trying to paint something inside my closed eyelids. The room is dark and closed eyelids provide a nice background. So you start with an empty design and then fill in colors you like. It's fun to decide which color should go where, while trying hard to remember the original pattern. The whole process is so much confusing (not to mention "useless") that you end up sleeping after a while. :-) But sometimes I end up completing my drawing. Those designs look awesome and there is no way I can print them. Have you ever tried to "see" while rubbing your eyes. If you see carefully, you can see a lot of amazing patterns. Awesome colors and animated designs. It's like seeing hundreds of fractals one after another.... one leading to another. And as you change the direction or pressure (of rubbing), the pattern changes and different colors evolve. Awwwe... I wish I could have some camera which can snap pictures of those designs.

When I went to UK, I felt terribly cold. I mean it was cold there alright, but other people were still able to survive it. I saw numerous girls wearing small (read very small) skirts et al.... and there I was, shivering with cold the moment I stepped out of my hotel room. The place was nice with long tiled roads and cute little houses with bright colored flowers stacked in front of the tall windows. There was this lovely mist all around the place. It was an amazing place. But I couldn't enjoy anything of it, since I was almost dying with cold all the time. I wish I could control the temperature around my body. There could be something like an invisible shell all over me and inside I will be all warm and happy. It will be so much fun to walk on roads on those cold chilly mornings full of mist.


I get dreams of flying around the places.... the way they showed in "The crouching tiger and the hidden dragon". It feels so natural (in the dream) and it's nice to be able to fly when you feel like it. You can slowly glide over the tree tops and small hills or zoom down to ground. It is awesome. But there is no way I can do so (
i.e. when I am not dreaming). I wish there could be some way to do it. After all a little bit of flying will be good for everybody.


sb said...


As long as we're wishing, I want a tiny-hi-res camera that can fit into by eye/retinal apparatus(or at least into goggles non-intrusive enough to be ignored). It should be responsive enough to click away as fast as I can blink, and should focus when I focus my eyes on something. A wireless link would also be nice, but I can live with the thing being wired to a laptop in my backpack. This is not that impractical, I realise:)

Btw, loved your camera inside the idea too:)

Mridul said...

I think you are in the right mood to read hitchhikers guide or some work by Douglas Adams - all your "wishes" will comes true and then some !
And his descriptions of how they will "come true" are totally hilarious - like the one about how you can fly :)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

you know i also intricate designs under my eyelids .. but more often than not, i am always drunk :)

take care gurl .. u r cracking up.

san said...

dont tell me V, that you too dream of flying..! well, welcome to the Fly (in dreams) Club.

ETV said...

Ha ha, Crazy ....

neurohavoc said...

/me was just wondering how abdul and u would look with ur intricately decorated eyelids turned inside out :-)