Sunday, May 15, 2005

The days are just packed

Couldn't help stealing this line :-D

After a long long time my shift timings are back to the sane hours. That means, I will get to spend some evenings out..... There are lotsa things already lined up. Few pending treats and some long planned adventures are on the list. To start with, I am looking forward for a cooking party at MMN's house with NKV, Guru and Jubi. I am sure it will be hell of a fun. I will try to get some pictures as well. Watch out Mr. ETV, here's another kitchen.


Today I bought some drawing papers. Uhhh, they sure seemed pretty costly to me.... that explains the high prices of all those paintings. /me makes a note to myself - I need to charge more when I sell my "art" (any takers?). I was planning to buy some oil paints as well, but all they had were "student' oil paints. Duh! I like to think that I am a "professional". I will search for other colors over the next weekend. :-)

I have a huge stack of books which I am yet to read. I am taking this very seriously now. Aaditya has read about 10 books in the last month, and I have not even finished one. :-/ Today I arranged all my books neatly in the cupboard, so that I will know how many books need to be read. LOL... This was a main problem until now. There were so many books still wrapped in the bags, while I was re-reading all those books, which I had already finished. /me was too lazy to search for the new books around the house.

While cleaning up stacks of books one big bag full of woolen bundles fell on my head. Sigh! it's been a couple of years since I have knitted anything. Reading stories of Miss Marpel makes me interested in the knitting again (for some really weird reason, which of course I don't know). There are at least five unfinished things in that bag. I used to do a lot of knitting during my train travels to office when I was in Mumbai. It was kinda weird. I mean you don't see many girls dressed in formal clothes doing knitting in the trains. LOL. But I used to do it anyway. Now that there are no train travels, knitting is long forgotten. I think I should at least try to complete the things which are half-done. /me gets into serious debate whether pink goes better with red than purple etc etc.

Yay! I liked powershot A400. It's pretty easy and damn convenient. I am going to take lotsa pictures and give some serious competition to DaKu, who has been posting very pretty photos lately. You will soon find a lil' tiger on the streets of Bangalore clicking away furiously. Muhahaha....

Talking about camera reminds me of films. I want to see the whole process of making-of-the-film with MMN one of these days. I have been always so much curious about it and this is my chance to see it, finally. I will be glad to be able to help him. i.e. if I can.... It's high time I start looking for an alternate career. Kidding! But in any case, I am so much excited about the whole thing.

Too few evenings and too many things to do..... I am sure I can manage a lot better, if I can control my sleeping hours a bit. After all I don't really need 12 hours of sleep.

/me is plain lazy.



ETV said...

Hey V!! Dont laugh at me. I think I have a hidden passion for knitting. I used to do that when I was young in the school. But was discouraged becoz it was assumed to be a Girl's domain. Maybe You can give me some lessons to start with.

neurohavoc said...

@v - couldnt help rofling reading abt the reducing sleeping hours thing. heard u r getting outside help for it :-)

@etv - cant really make a "biting" comment without oozing mcp-ism :-)

Alex Schroeder said...

When I was eight, my grandmother taught me some nitting, too.

My stack of unread books is about half a meter hight by now. And today I bought another new book, and yesterday I ordered two new books. What was I thinking? I think I'm planning for my summer holidays...