Thursday, May 19, 2005

Powershot A400

There was hardly any time to try out this new camera which Aaditya bought, since he was set to go home on a long vacation.

This I took inside "Coffee Day". The place was open and there was enough light (a little more IMHO).

I wish I could do something to avoid that glare on the glasses. :-(


NY said...

not sure whether u get polarizers for the a400. But you could probably get a polarizer sheet and hold it to the lens while taking pics. Would positively freak out everyone else at the Cafe. :)

sb said...

Nice portrait. Looking off the frame and all. Good, even with the glare:)


Obviously, these are example where a SLR beats down P&S. But take heart, you can remove these glares by some photoshopping effort (I know you've been wonderful stuffs with PS lately).