Sunday, May 22, 2005

eVil act

I hate roaches... much more than I detest lizards and any other bugs. And if it happens to be a flying roach, that's end of me.


I can't imagine it scrawling on my hand, I hate the way it scrawls, I detest it's smell, in short I hate everything about it. So when there happens to be a flying roach in the same room, sure enough there are two flying and screaming things around - roach and me. Ok, may be it can't scream. But invariably it ends up flying towards me all the time... sigh.

So you should guess how much I try to avoid those creatures. But this time there was no escape. I am staying alone and I could easily sense two big roaches existing in the kitchen. My OWN Kitchen! Can you imagine how hard it must be for me to sleep in the same house? I spent whole night dreaming about slowly being gnawed by the roaches. Slightest flutter would wake me up. They were like monsters under my bed. :-(

First thing in the morning, I headed to buy "hit". Somehow I have this feeling that no other pesticide really works with them (Not that I have tried any other). That spray bottle looked like a life saving medication to me. Oh boy, I was so happy to spray it all around the house. But I think I spayed a bit too much of it. Forget roaches, even I was feeling a bit giddy later. :-D

And next day they were there for sure.... two big roaches.... near the kitchen sink.... completely dead.

Life never had been so peaceful since then.


Mridul said...

Note to self: dont eat food from V's kitchen - if the roaches dont get me , the pesticides will :)

V said...

If you are a roach, i.e.

ETV said...

Heard you use the rest of the "Hit" bottle as deodorant? he he ... What you should do is, you should visit our house in Bangalore where few of my friends are still staying. They will give you a nice creature to carry with you. Its called Bed bugs. They are good for giving you company in the night. :-)))

sb said...

Hey nice story there:)(it reads like a short story). Too bad about the roaches, though:/

NY said...

:) ok a real life incident and none of it is made up. My sis is absolutely terrified of every thing that crawls or hops. One evening she happened to spot a little colourful frog doing nothing on the wall of her room. She let out a scream that totally freaked out the frog and it made a jump, unfortunately for both, landing straight into my sis's open mouth. *shudder* (The frog decided to jump out of its own accord after a second). Needless to say she chooses not to scream anymore.

Noufal said...

Bah! Some tiger.

In other news, the Roach union has decided to unite against you.

Roach of Borg uses an enhanced cybernetic shell to evade harmful chemicals and frustrate advesaries. More information available here.

MMN said...

I should have guessed you wanted to test if the pesticides were getting into the food, testing it on me, when you invited me to cook this weekend. :)

So no cooking at your place for a long long time :P

neurohavoc said...

i just feel that it is inhuman to kill two of god's creatures, just so u could have a dreamless sleep. think of their children. his cockroach's ex-wife. her child support! u just threw a lot of poor creatures into misery. u just snatched the bread out of the mouth of the widow and the orphan. /me too upset to continue.

Moonjungle said...

Simple Rules of Life:

1> Scissor cuts Paper
2> Paper covers Stone
3> Stone smashes Scissor
4> Lizrds eat bugs (esp. the flying kind)

cRaY3 said...

Crouching tiger,Hidden roaches...