Friday, May 27, 2005

Fish'n Chips

It is annoying to see people eating too much butter or cheese. I feel almost humiliated. Ok, /me stops... before you start commenting about my weight and try to link it in this context. Oh common, it's not healthy after all!

Anyway, excessive butter reminds me of UK. There was this guy in the office, who was not merely spreading butter on his toast, but rather piling it. He used to have this huge slab of butter on his toast. Good for him.... it showed on him anyway.

I won't forget fish and chips as well. There was this nice place called "Travelodge", which was exactly opposite to the hotel in which I was staying. They served awesome fish and chips. It was a nice cozy place (and the waiter was pretty friendly ;-) ). And they give you this huge dish with fish and chips and fries piled.... steaming hot! It is almost impossible to finish it all by yourself. Although I missed our traditional tomato-chilly sauce (heinz! heinz!!), since they didn't have any sauce at all.

I think somebody should recommend it to them. :-D

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ETV said...

He he. There is something called cheese roll, which is a stick of cheese. They keep that in our snack area and it goes within a day.