Saturday, May 28, 2005

On the top of the rain

It was raining heavily this afternoon. I work on the 6th floor so I could see a lot of it. Over the tree tops... on the top of the buildings... white white mist and cold water drops. It was like being on the top of the rain. It's nice to see the flooded roads from that far, since you don't get to know how dirty it is. :-P

I am glad to see the familiar downpour, crippled traffic and flooded roads here. There was hardly any rain in Hyderabad. Rain in Bangalore reminds me of the rainy days in Mumbai.... Same chaos. :-D

But we used to get couple of compulsory holidays since trains used to stop altogether... Yooohooo, I hope something similar happens here soon. Actually my office is just one kilometer away from my house here, but nothing can stop me hoping that the whole Airport road would get so flooded that everything will stop. I will watch the rain from my window with my nose tightly pressed against the window pane. :-)

Rain smells sooooo nice.

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Alex Schroeder said...

Heh, reminds me of rainy season in Bangkok... It wasn't so much that rain smelled "good" as it does here in Switzerland. Here, after the rain, there's the smell of earth and stone in the air, decaying leaves in the woods, flowers, birds... In Bangkok the major effect was a sense of calm and cool. A soothing relaxation of the air. No longer the hot humid soup of car exhausts and sweat but rather a clean short vision of heavenly air, pure air, healthy air, where the air was again separated from the sweat and the sewage -- air above and water below. Until it started to evaporate again, and the humid pressure would start building...