Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CellPhone goes live


I hated my laptop (Compaq nx9040) all the more when I found out that the IR port doesn't work (some Compaq hardware bug it seems). I was so annoyed that I wanted to pull out the IR port all together (Didn't do that though, since it is a company laptop). >:-(

I took lotsa pictures and never really could upload them. Sigh!

This weekend, somebody gifted me a data cable and now I am good to go. I have to test it with my phone and the laptop, but it should work (high hopes, eh?).

Beware, now I am going to post a lot of (terrible, low quality and annoying) pictures here.


Abdul Bijur V.A. said...


Mridul said...

That somebody should be beaten up for allowing people like you to post more eVil pics x-(

/me gives supari to goons to "take out" sood

Enjoy maadi ! :)

aaditya said...

You bastard! I give supari to some femme fatales to take you "out"!

V said...

All those suparis will have to wait. DKU-2 didn't like my cell, so now I will have to get DKU-5.


dakster said...

what's a supari?

Mridul said...

Bah ! and you call yourself a Daku and dont know supari ?? Shame on the name !!


http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betel_nut will tell you what is supari >:)

Hush hush others :)

neurohavoc said...

i whole-heartedly support the save-our-languages movement :-)
and while u are at it can u also take a supari on glam once the guys are done with him coming to bangalore sans tequila.

Vaibhav said...

please preserve my creativity............dont rudely delete those photos :)