Friday, June 24, 2005

The dark side


The week was full of shopping and the credit card bill is going to be a shock. But anyway, I will enjoy till then.

Since long I wanted to buy the Tommy Hilfiger high heels. I was tempted to buy some colors but finally decided to buy this Classic black'n white.... and believe me it looks perfect eVil.

I just loved it.



daku said...

sexy Tiger shining bright
among all Stars of the night

you go girl!

/me claps (-;

cRaY3 said...

how on earth are u gonna walk with those high heels!!!

Alex Schroeder said...

We never buy Tommy Hilfiger here in Switzerland -- too damn expensive!! :)

V said...

daku, thanks... I wish I could fly with these shoes. ;-)

cray3, I barely manage to walk... with the help of aadis. LOL.

alex, the prices are almost same here, but somebody gifted it to me.... /me grins.

cRaY3 said...

Stupid *somebody*!!!...could have invested in some better things!!

Mridul said...

I agree completely cray3 !
Get doom3 or Quake4 (when it comes out) or Halflife 2.
Money is too precious to be wasted on sandals - especially ones that you cant wear comfortably every day (those heels look painful !)

fiona said...

good to see you rocking ;-)