Sunday, June 05, 2005

Me, My house aur Woh

It's pretty obvious that my maid is way more busy than I am..... Or may be it is just another communication problem.

In any case, my house is suffering badly. My maid is the king of her own wishes, and she makes it a point to make me believe so. She comes to my place whenever she feels like working a bit or when she wants to borrow some money. Sigh!

I have highly erratic working hours due to the production support (alright, I work in shifts!). And to make things worse, my working hours change almost everyday. I try my best to ensure that she would know when she can come on work next day. But I can just "try".... since I can't speak Kannada and she speaks ONLY Kannada. It is a highly difficult (and animated) task to convey her the next day's schedule. I somehow get this feeling that she has given up on me, since she says yes to whatever I say and chooses her own timings. Most of the times, she manages to skip a day or days together. Thus everyday it's a big suspense whether she will come to work or not.... only time can tell!

This time it's been four days, and our schedule did not match so far. My kitchen sink is full of dishes and there is this huge pile of dirty clothes to be washed. If she doesn't work for another day or two, I will have to either buy a washing machine or new clothes.

New clothes! New clothes!!


MMN said...

There is an option of washing clothes and cleaning dishes yourself. :P

daku said...

another reason to move to india...
/me out of clothes too... but the downside is, i've got to wash them myself. huh.


Well, consider knowing her residence. I used to send our apartment's security to give her a call when I'm home, and kitchen sink is full ...

pradyot said...

Learn the kannada numbers
Now for the fraction of hours:
15 mins past - hadinaidhu
30 mins past - moovatthu
45 mins past - mukkaloo
So if you want to tell her to come at 7:45 you can try telling her "yolu mukkaloo" as the time when she should arrive. And btw, for the morning hours you can say "beligge" and for the afternoon/evening hours use "madhyaana/saayinkaala" respectively. HTH.

ETV said...

/Me Rofling over pradyot's advice. Well, I can only sense pure laziness and excuse to buy new clothes as MMN pointed out, He he (Just kidding)....I think you need to see how we people in the US suffer. We have to clean our bathrooms, cook on our own, and then there are worst things like,if you have friends who complains about growth of MOLD and health concerns etc...... /me hides before someone blasts off

daku said...

cool. more opportunities to loot the languages of India.
as far as ETV, please. remember how you were thanking me for saving u from mold. /methinks i need to come over for an inspection soon. we would not want the world famous ETV kitchen to be shut down for concerns over its hygiene (-;

neurohavoc said...

i dont really remember etv thanking u per se. of course some ppl do interpret a scowl and sulk as signs of eternal gratitude :-)

Alex Schroeder said...

Working in shifts is bad. I hope your salary makes up for that. ;)

ETV said...

Daku, Did u hear Neuro speak? Anything more to say??

daku said...

"neurospeak" is like buzzing of a fly in my ear.
now, ok, etv, u must be grateful. when the nature calls, u don't have to literally go through a jungle and procure a machette to reach your goal. i am saving u money. a dahi vada at udupi will fix that.

ETV said...

Oh yeah, as if I have been doing that for the past 4 years!!!! :-)))
I wonder how rude you are, in trying to suppress the voice of truth coming out of neuro. I strongly want to voice my opinion against the oppression of truth being done .I call my fellow bloggers to join force with me. I'm crestfallen and I sincerely pray that the truth will strive and will rise on the horizon removing the darkness caused by the lust for Dahi-vada.

neurohavoc said...

etv.. the goras have always suppressed the voice of the truth. and if they r dakus in the bargain, the mind boggles at the inhuman attrocities they can unleash!

V said...

I was blissfully oblivious to this flame going on on my OWN post.

What's with the concerns-of-hygiene and oppression-of-truth and inhuman-atrocities? BTW, Did I hear about a Dahi vada somewhere? I demand one as well, whoever is giving it.