Friday, July 01, 2005

Bare feet

I often dream of losing or misplacing my shoes and then I have to walk barefoot. It's awful. I hate to do that. And to my surprise, I have dreamt of this so many times, that I can feel the feeling as if it has actually happened to me. Imagine you are leaving some place and just then you discover that you can't find your shoes. Somebody has flicked them or (worse still) you have forgotten to wear them in the first place. Funny thing is that I see a lot of shoes around, but they are just not right. They are not mine.

My feet get dirty and I mostly have to walk long distances in my dreams..... long winding roads with rocks and lots of dust.

I don't remember having to walk barefoot otherwise, but I sure hate the feeling already. I can't explain what makes me hate it. I panic visibly when I can't find my shoes.

No wonder I am always seen buying so many shoes. Just in case.....


May be I should try to borrow shoes from somebody when I find them missing next time.


fiona said...

These are the symptoms of 'barefeet' phobia. /me gets concerned for the small tiger..:(

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with walking bare footed?

neurohavoc said...

"cat" in boots. reminds me of the fairy tale :-)

V said...

Ummm... nothing wrong in walking bare footed. In fact I love to walk in sand on the sea shore... or on the lush green grass... or inside the river.

LOL. I am too choosy.

Moonjungle said...

Ur problem will be solved if u remove ur shoes before u hit the sack :)


Just glue them on.

Mridul said...

Sounds like you have been to CREC CC (computer centre) and lost your slippers there :P

I know that feeling for sure , and I have seen Neeraj walk back barefoot to his room too :-D
... until we started following what Alok (was it he who started it ?) did - take a plastic cover with you , put slippers in cover , and take it inside with you into CC :)

So next time you go to bed , take a plastic cover with you to your dreams ;)

V said...

Mridul, ROFL.

MMN said...

Don't know why, a scene from Sholay came to mind. "Jab thak theri pair chalegi, iski saas chalegi"... :P

I hope you won't take any panga's with me now, I know how to take revenge :)