Saturday, July 02, 2005


This is hilarious.

And it reminded me so much of my own class. My name was so damn common during that particular era, that you could easily find at least ten girls with same name in one class.


There was this terrible lack creativity during that time (when I was not yet born... obviously). Or may be everybody just wanted to be "in tune" with the new trend of names. So the result was you could easily have one whole class of kids having same name.

The most serious problem of having a common name is people end up giving you some weird pet name, or even worse, they just start using your surname as your name instead. Anyway, I suffered a lot until.... I went to Hongkong for some training.

My name was no more common there.... but nobody could pronounce it in my class. They tried couple of times and finally decided to call me "dba" instead.


I hate all those typical, common Indian names, which are difficult to pronounce.


Alex Schroeder said...

I'd like to make a point that my real name is Alexandre (French spelling!) Roland Schröder. :)

But other than that, I also see this here in Switzerland. There seem to be various cohorts -- one was the Markus and Andreas cohort, which is about my age, and new kids seem to be in the Noah and Elias cohort... Weird.


Heh, I was sharing my first name with 8 more guys in our class. When my kid arrives, I'll give him/her a name, which will be UNIQUE in the universe ;-)

Noufal said...

Heh heh. Knowing you Kousik, it'll be some kind of a hash using the time of birth, parents names, hospital and enough stuff to make sure that it's unique. :)

V said...


I can imagine Koushik considering all those rules,
1. starts with an alphanumeric character
2. contains numbers
3. at least 8 characters long
4. no dictionary word.
and so on......


fiona said...

hey, but do u know what? you are the rare specimen with 'lee' ..most of them are with 'li'. so atleast u have some difference..and another best part of the spelling is, people will think that you are a chinese even though you like a (ok..kidding).

Wandering Mind said...

Hey, ur blog has changed a lot since i last visited. Its lot more better. Anyways, ur photos have come quiet good, i guess the photographer is talented ...:)

bookseeker said...

Tell me about naming. I have heard atleast 20 different ways people have pronounced it.(and all wrong)

I wouldnt mind the most common but pronounce-able name :) I wud be happy


MMN said...

Now you know why I am MMN. :P. In the cafe someone goes Hey Manoj and a dozen people turn around :)