Friday, September 09, 2005

Mad about Sunflowers

I am in love with Sunflowers.

When I am on flickr, most of the times I am searching for the flower pictures (Sunflower pictures, to be more precise). It is such a gorgeous flower. Light doesn't matter, angle doesn't matter... Any picture of a sunflower is always wonderful. I have a bunch of awesome pictures.

I like to paint sunflowers... mainly because it's easy to paint sunflowers :-D Blue Blue sky and yellow yellow sunflower (ok, few green leaves as well). So easy!

A field full of sunflowers looks breathtakingly beautiful. Rows of big yellow flowers standing tall and proud. It almost looks like all of them are posing for a picture.

Bery bery cute.


Alex Schroeder said...

Swiss sunflowers...

sathya said...

Tiger and Sunflowers?

Abdul Bijur V.A. said...

"I am in love with Sunflowers."

ab sood kya karega?