Thursday, October 13, 2005


My experiences with the online auctions are not really pleasant. When the idea was new, I was very keen to try to it out. It was very tempting. Finally, one day I decided to give it a try. I carefully choose the lowest priced items, which happened to be knives. LOL. Alright, it was not that bad actually. According to the description given there, those knives sounded really cool. But when I finally got the delivery, everyone at home laughed for months together. Apparently, I had bought some ordinary knives (which would not cost more that 20 bucks normally) for about 100 bucks+delivery charges. We never used those knives and Mom clearly told me to stay away from the online auctions. I am pretty obedient that way.

Yesterday, after a long time, I was tempted to bid for airlines tickets. After all it was "Kingfisher". I timed my bidding about two hours before the auction closing. Checked my bidding prices several times and zeroed on couple of auctions.


I managed to win those tickets as well. The auction price is fairly cheap (1800 bucks per ticket). I am happy and all that. But this time I managed to bid for one wrong ticket and "unluckily" won it as well. I have to provide them the passenger name in a day or two and I can't even cancel this ticket. Gah!

So now I need to find somebody who would want to travel from Bangalore to Mumbai on 19th Oct at 2100 hours. Boooohooo.

I wish I could auction this ticket on my blog.


sb said...

Uh oh. Good luck with that.. I'll pass people your blog URL, if anyone needs a ticket.

Vaibhav said...


i still remember ur knives (very delicate material).....ROFL.

Mridul said...

If you can make that a free offer to travel to Bombay - I might oblige :-D

Hmm , nope - cant make it , sorry ... find someone else :)

Neil said...

I bid for Rs 10!! :D
Will pay Rs 25, if you can also send me a return ticket!!!! ;)



If you had to mess it up, why not for a Calcutta ticket (oh, KF doesn't have started that route yet)! Anyways :-( 1800 Rs could buy lotsa goodies ...

V said...


I wasted this ticket. :-/