Thursday, October 27, 2005

I did it again!

I am almost broke.

I shopped until I broke my neck. I traveled to Delhi and Mumbai couple of times. All the shopping and the air tickets have crossed the credit limit on my credit card. Thankfully, since it is blocked, I won't be able to do any more shopping for now.

I have about 1L of credit card bill to pay. Boohoo, I am doomed, and I am not even married (It's due in a month).

On the second thought, I think I need a better paying job.



Anonymous said...

hi Viashalee
There you will not remmber me but i do remmber you from the time i had met you in the first blog meet we had an year and half ago in Baristas in Hyderabad
Anyway how has Lkife been since than
And Congratulations are in order for the marriage Iknow its a cliche but i wish you the most properous and happy married life'

sathya said...

welocme to the league!!!!


Hey congratulations. I want an invitation. I guess you just have to make the minimum payment and the poor guy will take care of the rest next month.

V said...


That's really neat. But naaah, interest on 1L will kill us.