Monday, October 24, 2005

Day starts with a bang

Today was a peaceful day, until now.

Saw a file system space related alarm. /u09 file system is 100% full. Gah! and all it has are datafiles. I decided to move some big datafiles to other file system.

Deciding on which datafiles to move took a while. Hmmm, system datafiles have grown too big... so do applsys. Ummm, lets try this statspack tablespace. It has two datafiles and they look pretty big. I took that tablespace offline and fired two mv commands.

Files were being moved to /u10 alright. Aah, one files got moved, one more to go.

Oh Crap, it screamed error in my face, "SunOS 5.3: mv cannot unlink filename permission denied for setuid". What a weird error! Why the hell it has to crib for moving one file? If it could move one file, it should be able to move other file as well. I hate such generic errors.

Alright, I will have to move that file again.
Fired same command again... now it says "no file found". eh?... I frantically did ls couple of times. if it did not move the file, it should be there in /u09.

Apparently not. It was neither in /u09 nor in /u10. The file was nowhere and filesystem still shows 100% full. Argh! I have lost one datafile. It's time to prepare to drop the tablespace. Only a DBA knows how it feels when you lose a datafile. I don't believe in mv anymore. Now onwards it will be always cp when the files are datafiles.

The day begins with a bang. Or should I feel lucky that I did not decide to move system or applsys datafiles?



Alex Schroeder said...

Ugh. I moved datafiles on a production system two or three weeks ago. I feel for you! Nervous does not begin to describe it...


When filesystems are full, I saw crazy things happening. Hope your backups are good.