Sunday, October 23, 2005

Things I hate to do

... but still have to do

  1. Killing roaches by spraying hit on them.
  2. Waiting in a long queue for withdrawing money from the bank.
  3. Watching an action movie from the front row
  4. Trying to dissolve the milk powder in my tea cup
  5. Having to wash my tea-cup in office (Gah! I hate those people who stopped keeping paper cups in the office)
  6. Calling up Eureka Forbes Customer care
  7. Nagging the tailors to get my clothes stitched
  8. Trying to kill lizards by hit (again)
  9. Getting a hair wash at parlor (they literally pull my hair while combing)
  10. Getting the wrong calls while I am on roaming.

1 comment:

sb said...

Count one more for the last point. I seem to be jinxed w.r.t helpful credit-card company calls when on roaming:(