Thursday, December 15, 2005


Life is rebooted. I was expecting a core dump, but thankfully it's back to normal.


Nothing much changes even if you get married... provided you hire a full-time cook. LOL.


It was a great event. New places, new people and new relations - I had feared it all in the beginning, but thankfully it was much more natural than expected. The key is to blend into the family and then you actually start enjoying every single aspect of it.

I have some sweetest memories of the events (even though I was dazed and confused most of the time, due to the marathon of rituals and meeting loads of people). I would say that the toughest thing you need to do when you are getting married is talking-to-people (most of them you have never seen before). I was introduced to so many new people in such a short period that it made me giddy. Heh, but it was fun talking to people (read pretending to be in an interesting conversation).

*eVil grin*

Marriage blues continue........


daku said...

sounds like u had a great time
post some pix soon, will ya?
looking fw to seeing u soon!!!

neurohavoc said...

@daku - shameless

Divyaprakash said...

Just Married, eh?

emanish said...

welcome back.


Welcome back. Watch your life change.

emanish said...

...more like watch your world change :). rgds

Arz000n said...

provided you hire a full-time cook.
Oh yeah....afta marriage this is so essential ;)

Btw, Happy holidays!!