Friday, December 23, 2005

Xmas Cake

Every year around the Xmas time I get very nostalgic.

When the local market starts showcasing Xmas trees and small bells, it reminds me of my school days. Even though small, Xmas vacation was always a nice time. We used to have a long Diwali vacation, but after Diwali, I used to miss all those sweets and crackers.... (ok, mainly sweets). I used to wonder why we don't make those sweets all around the year, instead of just during the Diwali time. :-(

Any way, so as I was saying Xmas was eagerly awaited. I liked to see those decorated Xmas trees in almost all the shops. Mom never let me buy one for us though. I loved those cute little Santas put on almost all the things - trees, boxes, greeting cards, everywhere. They looked very pretty. There were not enough crackers IMHO, but I liked the fact that the festival mood was back in the air.

Two of our neighbors used to celebrate Xmas. We kids used to get Xmas sweets and most importantly, Xmas cake from them. Ohhhh, I miss the Xmas cake.

It's time I go and buy some. And Merry Xmas people.


saanchi said...

how about playing Santa this christmas? i need lottsa stuff ;))
just kidding.
Merry Christmas :-)!!

Arunima said...

Wish you a Happy New Year!!!

I have been eating a lot of cakes from friends :-)

Arz000n said...

Xmas...the only thing I do is wait for ma friends to drop in with xmas times I even forget to wish them...yea I know thts cruel of me...but I luv xmas cake :)