Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Quantum Physics

It mentions that Anyone who is not shocked by quantum theory has not understood it.

I am yet to read it, but it sure makes me interested. Actually the term "Quantum Physics" made me curious since quite sometime now. It gives an impression of something really really high profile... something which normal people wouldn't dare to find out. So when I stumbled upon this page, the first thing I said was "Ha! gotcha!". I promptly bookmarked it, but never got back to reading it.

I scan my list once in a while and read some random pages. :-) The reading mainly consists of trying-to-read-while-scrolling-down-fast. This page gave me really weird lines,
  • To understand the weirdness completely, you just need to know about three experiments: Light Bulb, Two Slits, Schroedinger's Cat.
  • Full English breakfast
  • If anyone asked why this was, he would say, "shut up and calculate"
  • What happens to the cat? you're not supposed to ask.
  • everything possible exists in one universe or another.
Interesting! I have to agree that it sure sounds weird already. Somehow, it gives me the impression that Quantum Physics is closely related to cats. Hmmm, I need to read this link soon enough. After all I want to find out who is this Schroedinger and what happens to his cat, eh?


Anonymous said...

Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed by Jim Al Khalili is a good book to start with. Enjoyable read, and yes you'll be surprised by what you read.

Moonjungle said...

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