Friday, June 09, 2006

All work no play

All work no play makes tiger a dull girl!

It's been a while since we had done anything fun. I like the way all weekdays pass by making this whooshing sound. Weekends are crawling with site-seeing activities. We are going to weird places in search of houses. We are literally exploring Bangalore. Finally it is dawning on me that Bangalore is not M G road, Indiranagar and Forum. A big value addition, I say!

Ok, there had been some fun when we invited people over dinner and I got to try my recipes on them. Now that that's said. you will understand how difficult it is to convince them to visit our place again. And that's not the end of it. We also tricked some of them to cook at our place. So all we have is this fast depleting source of friends. eVil me! LOL.

Daku is coming to India, but looks like she will stay away from Bangalore. Last time she was too tired and under the weather. I wish she would come by, so that we can go for a small picnic this time.



aaditya said...

The Shining?

Mridul said...

"All work no play makes tiger a dull girl!" -> girl , tigress or cub ? :-P
Check with daku on her plans btw ...

MMN said...

Yeah... S00d, looks like "The shining". Yesterday I got some 200 pages full of "All work no play makes tiger a dull girl" by courier from tiger, claiming that it was a novel :)

aaditya said...

And she's walking around with an axe now, looking for me, calling out "ohhhh aaaadis!"

/me hides!