Saturday, June 17, 2006

Compu Games and Me

I love to play computer games.

Of course, I am not a big computer gamer like Alex, Nkv or Mridul. It's always fun to hear them talk about games. All sorts of complicated, dark games where mysteries are to be solved or tons of people to be killed or play roles or rule cities and what not. But that's about it. I can't sit for hours together trying to finish one game. If game requires too much of strategies and planning I get taxed. If there is too much of gore, it makes me sick.

I play rather stupid games. I don't like the look of the game if screens are too dull and dark. Even if I see people playing games which require hiding and killing, my heartbeats go up. Racing games are fun to watch, but I can't get myself finish any car race without literally trashing my car. I would have banged it so much all the while that if it were a real car, nothing would be left to prove that it was a car in the beginning of the race. I jump and scream so much that people around me end up getting headache. And after all this, I manage match the last or second last position :-D

I loved Tetris. At one point I was so much glued to it that my brother had to delete the game to get some time on computer. I read somewhere last week that they have tetris matches now. K3w1.

I like card games too. LOL. Almost all of them. But mainly Freecell and Spider Solitaire :-) It's fun to these play card games. Ok, I like "Four or more" and I also like this puzzle game of moving the blocks. Solving nice (easy) puzzles gives me high.

Nowadays I am addicted to this new bubble game, called Dynamite. It makes nice exploding sounds when you hit the bubbles. One has to keep bursting bubbles. Pretty stupid, but awesome replay value.

I don't know why I am listing these games here. May be I will start playing some rather cool games in future, and it will be quite funny to look back at this pathetic list then.


Mridul said...

Nice contrast in the posts - prev one says "all work and no play" and now you talk about the games you play ;-)

Mom also loves card games - and unfortunately , she is damn good at them (so reduces my comp time when I am at bombay :-) ) - she has solsuite : some 500 odd card games I think - most of them supposedly have good replay value - and heck , it will take you ages to try out all 500 anyway ;-)

Alok once told me about a website , 'online game' ... you know the plastic bubble packing material ? This site had sheets and sheets of that stuff (virtual , not real ;-) ). You click on the plastic bubbles and it makes a popping sound and explodes like the real thing : that is it ! People used to go and keep popping bubbles :-)

Abdul Bijur V.A. said... << this pic is damn cute :) /..

long time girl :)

Anonymous said...

You should try frozen bubble. It's available on Debian. Great fun especially with 2 players and chain reactions turned on.