Monday, August 14, 2006

Chennai Trip

Nowadays, whichever airlines you choose, you have to face late flights. A book and some snack are must.... otherwise it is just impossible to kill your time at the airport. I think they should start a multiplex inside the airport. Flights are anyway becoming 2-3 hours late. At least people will be happy waiting for the flight. :-)

I didn't have particularly pleasant memories of Chennai from the last trip (which was about 4 years back). And I was successful in avoiding any further visits there until now, but this time I had to go. Flight to Chennai was only 30 minutes late. Wow! look at that... 30 minutes seem so less nowadays.

When you fly from Bangalore to Chennai, flight goes all the way to Chennai and then further down the sea (I mean, on the top of the sea) to take U-turn and then lands in Chennai. I had never seen a clear sky and so much water down before. It was kinda scary when the plane slowly started tilting to take the turn. The sea looked amazing with interesting patterns made by waves, but I would prefer white fluffy clouds to deep dark waters anytime. :-(

When we landed in Chennai, the climate looked cozy and dreamlike with those rain clouds and the deep blue sky. I was happy at the thought of rains awaiting (it's been a while since it rained in Bangalore) and the cold evening breeze to set the mood right. But the landing announcement came as a complete surprise. The outside temperature was around 34 C. LOL. That's Chennai!

We had real long buffet dinner at Hilton. It's annoying the number of dishes they keep for the buffet. Even if I decide to just taste every single thing, it would be as good as having three meals. So I gave up. In short, I had lots of desserts and felt happy about it. :-)

Next day I visited Marina beach. Nice! Water always fascinates me. Leisurely walk on the wet sand was mesmerizing. I wish I could do that more often.

On the way back, flight was late by about two and half hours. I was totally pissed off since I was so sleepy and the flight was getting delayed every hour. Note to myself, never book for the last flight in future.


sb said...

Hey, at least you had a welcoming party at bangalore waiting for you! :)

V said...


It was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for waiting for me until midnight. :-)

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