Monday, August 07, 2006

In search of old friends!

First time when I saw Orkut, I was very happy about the whole concept. Yay! Finding long lost school and college friends sounded so easy. I waited for a while for let it pick up. Orkut has become a huge community now. So I decided it's time to search for some old names.

It's not an easy task, as I had imagined. For one thing, I have forgotten most of the names. Actually, I have known them only by either their first name, or just the last name or some funny nickname. Considering how common the Indian names are, it's almost impossible to search people by their first names. So I tried to put together some full names. LOL, it took a while to get it right. It's amazing how we never used to worry about the actual names in school.... while it's all about names now.

Another big problem is, almost all girls would have changed their names after marriage, surnames in most of the cases and even the first names in majority of cases. I have no clue what the new names could be. Thus making is highly impossible to search them. And no, photographs won't help either... people would have changed so much by now.

I tried to search for school name, but it was not a good filter. Searching for the college name gave me such a big list that it will take ages to search. In short, I was not able to find a single friend. May be they still don't know about Orkut.

I am just hoping that I would find somebody, someday!

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Mridul said...

One way would be to try searching for communities - usually there would be someone out there who would have started a community for your school or a community for a specific year of your school.
You can work your way from there ...