Sunday, November 19, 2006

Are you doubting my data?

I hate meetings where one needs to present numbers and graphs and blah blah. I hated Fridays when I had to fill in weekly time-sheet. In fact I try to avoid all possible maths at work wherever I can.

I could never get it how everybody else is able to complete their time-sheets on time. Every Friday, when I struggled to fill it, I kicked myself for not doing it daily. But then, it never works that way.

It's the same with those Quality Control statistics. I always felt that It was a big mistake to take up quality control initiatives for the team. Before every meeting I used to be running around trying to collect numbers and getting those graphs ready. It's almost impossible to get all the right numbers and come up with not-too-perfect-and-not-too-many-problems graphs. I still remember how awkward it felt when I had to explain our team's error matrix in front of the management team, while all other teams had almost good graphs.

It was really difficult to get those things done on time, until I found out the truth. Instead of getting all the data, people just make up a bunch of data.

Does everyone do so?

Huh, are you doubting my data?



Raj said...

probably true! :)


As they say, lies, damn lies and statistics.
Most data are made up anyway.

Anonymous said...

I ask you why do you need managers otherwise? My manager does all this for me. :)

Alex Schroeder said...

The last time an intern tried to present some quality assurance statistics I picked it appart with a few interesting questions and our management hasn't asked for any statistics ever since... :)