Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Scent of a woman

Wedding had left me with wide range of perfumes to choose from. Perfumes do make a good gift.

I like the ones which are kinda floral, non-spicy and long-stay. Ok, and I don't like any of those strong heady ones. It's been one year, so it's time to get another stock now. I hope I have given enough hints already.


That reminds me of this. I avoided one fella at work just because he used to use some weird perfume which made him smell like
Parle-G biscuits (Did I mention that I hate those biscuits?).


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Alex Schroeder said...

Sometimes I do like a heavy dose of Opium on a woman -- the dizziness is part of the attraction. There are two or three other heavy & heady scents I'll note anywhere I go (elevators and public transport being the most obvious places). I remember those scents from highschool, even if I can no longer tell which girl used it at the time.