Wednesday, November 22, 2006

W00t: Poogle

Our house is a mess, thanks to our maid servant.

The usual scene is - Books piled up in the corners... clothes dumped on chairs.... newspapers spread all over the bed... fridge dumped with stuff which nobody is going to eat.... all possible chargers lying all over floor.... wires running from one end to another (which might make you trip).... bills tucked into various places etc. etc. The good guy in our home decided to let things be as they are, since it is too much of an effort to keep the place tidy. Gah! don't blame me.. I don't create this mess.

Though, I end up cleaning some of it, at some point off time. Thanks to all those things which go missing. It's no surprise that things go missing in that mess. Most of the times we don't even know about the missing things (since there are so many things around anyway). But sometimes when we really really need something, I am told to search for it.

So as I was mentioning, I end up cleaning the place in
process of search. But that's the only good outcome of the whole process, since the chances of finding the actual missing thing are very bleak... just about 1%.

I wish there was some kinda log of our past actions, which we can google and get the missing things. Something like PastGoogle or Poogle. We can mark some parts as important, or tag some pages to be searched later, or may be simply rewind the whole thing and can see the past. Reminds me of "The Truman show".

I would really love to skip the "cleaning" part. It's time consuming and too painful.


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