Thursday, November 30, 2006

I like momos

Ok, So far I have figured this part out. Now the next thing is to find out how to make them.

What is "All-purpose flour" BTW?


Reeta Skeeter said...

hi! all purpose flour is what u know as maida in hindi... the white one :D


I think it is easy to figure out the stuffing and the wrap. A bit of warning here, you should at least half-cook the stuffing as the steaming may not generate enough heat to cook them completely.

If you want the authentic way, get a bamboo box with lid. I don't, so I simply place them on a grid in a pressure cooker. So you pour some water in the cooker, place a bowl upside down and put the grid on top of it so that it doesn't touch the water. Carefully place the dumplings on grid, close the lid and steam. I generally don't put the "weight" because it causes the temperature to go too high.

Have fun.