Monday, October 22, 2007

Wall painting

Wall painting
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I was thinking that painting a wall would be same as painting on canvas. But I was totally wrong...

I decided to use whichever paints available in Himachal local shops. I was hoping to get at least plastic emulsion paints, but all I got was normal white distemper paint tin, with 4-5 small color tubes to change colors. I am sure I must have amused the shopkeeper to no end, when I demanded for weird things there.

So as you see, most of the picture is done with white (for obvious reason), and i used those color tubes to get some basic shades here and there. One big difference between these colors and oil paints was, I could not get the color gradient. Also, when I tried to use overlap colors, invariably it would mix and form altogether different shade. May be if I let one color dry for 7-8 days, it would be possible. But as I had decided to paint the front wall in the main hall, my project deadlines were tight. And of course, I could not use more color in one spot to correct something, since it would invariably trickle down the wall. Sigh!

So here it is, I am sure one can do a better job with better type of colors, but I still liked the end result (especially after spending three straight days in that mess).


aaditya sood said...

And mom was really paranoid about the wall too ;-)

neurohavoc said...

this is awesome... you could also put some object in the frame to give a perspective of size.

Collin-Wilson said...

Hai Vaishalee,

I just checked my own site ( and discovered that you left a message! I was about to ask who are you, do I know you haha. I don't but always interested in meeting new people. Anyways,thanks for the message and well, keep checking my site,i'll check yours! You are from India right? I have a few friend of Indian descent (two from India, and two are from Surinam, but are what they call there 'Hindustani'. Very nice people!) Well I hope we keep in touch, I will check your site, its; interesting! Greetz from Elaine, all the way from Holland. Ps,'just fyi, I'm originally from the Dutch Antilles (the Carribean) my mom is from Indonesia,dad from the Dutch Antilles. Okay byebye!

Mridul said...

It looks neat !
But i must say, wondering how you got to convince others about wall painting ;-)