Saturday, October 20, 2007

Xbox 360

Yes, we have a new addition to our family and all of us are glued to it. Today we spent about 50k and got lot of electronics (I could not stop Aaditya from his buying spree this time). Ok, at least I could deviate him from buying LCD monitor. Score!

(Note to myself - never take him to eZone again).

Coming back to Xbox, I loved it's sleek console and cute controllers. We ended up playing for straight 5 hours, as soon as it was unwrapped, so I think it was a good idea to buy wired controllers. I am wondering how long wireless controllers would last. I didn't know that the controllers come in pink color too, but I have no complains with these white ones either.

Too bad, we could not get much talked about Halo-3. We got Dead or Alive 4 and it's a good fun.


Mridul said...

doa was a lot of fun when we used to play it on the dc ... for hours on end, for days on end :-)

xbox has heating issues, and other hardware problems ... which is why i never got around to buying it even when i had some money to spend

have xbox live ?

aalok said...

They have 1 year warranty now. But we are hoping that we won't get any issues.

Mridul said...

1 year warranty - that is cool !
Now to stress the console (read play 24x7 for a couple of weeks ;-) ) to make sure that all niggling problems are exposed - and get it replaced if things konk off !

I saw the new halo3 branded xbox 360's and vipin got a nintendo ds ... the fun games are on the handheld, the serious ones on the console :-)