Friday, December 07, 2007

'allo 'allo and Only fools and Horses

Aaditya has got hold of loads of episodes of 'allo 'allo, Blackadder and of course, IT crowd.

It seems 'allo 'allo is listed at 13th position in Britain's best sitcom list ,while Blackadder is way ahead at 2nd position. I tried couple of episodes of Blackadder, but i think I like 'allo 'allo better.

I was curious about Only fools and Horses, since it has topped the list. Thanks to youtube, I could watch some episodes of Only fools and Horses. I think I like this Del boy and Rodney.



Mridul said...

ack adder is THE BEST !
When I was viewing the first season - I did not think it was extraordinary (though in retrospect, I think it was way too funny !), but boy that chap is so amazingly versatile !

Anonymous said...

I agree I think 'Allo Allo' was better. I think it was even better than FRIENDS! I know most desis think FRIENDS is the standard by which humour can be judged.

The only series of black adder which did measure up was the first world war one. But Allo Allo was way better. Lt. Gruber, Herr Flick, Monsieur LeClerc, Officer Crabtree, Colonel Von Strohm, Fairfax and Carstairs, Captain Bertorelli.... haha they were all very brilliant and hillarious. I guess the pre-WW2 classic rustic French village setting added with beautiful actresses like Kim Hartman (Private Helga) and Vikki Michelle (Yvette) just made the show even more pleasing. Thanks to You Tube you can see them all any time you wish.

Besides I think Mr. Bean was way better than black adder.