Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yooohoo! Driverless car!!

I was too happy read this news about driverless cars to be ready by 2018. Can you believe, Cars that drive themselves — even park at their destination — could be ready for sale within a decade.

I always feel that driving is a highly stressful job. I already tried learning "driving" twice, but there is not much of improvement. For me, managing ABC and gears and watching the road at the same time is beyond human scope. So far I am comfortable in driving, provided there no other vehicles on the road.

I personally treat all drivers (no matter how good or bad they drive) with high regards. I look up to all those people, who can drive and talk on phone at the same time (something which I can not even dream to do in this lifetime). It overwhelms me, when I see people parking their cars perfectly. And reversing a car, while looking into the back mirror is something out-of-the-world thing to me.

Having said all this, it's no surprise that I would jump at the prospects of driverless car. but then, I should not be too happy, since such cars will be mostly available in US only. It will take another trillion years to get them working on Bangalore roads.... unless they invent something which doesn't require roads at all.

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